Magnetic Radiation Testing

We test and help remediate sources of magnetic fields in your home or office coming from sources such as powerlines.

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Microwave Radiation Inpection

If you are near cell phone antennas or near internet routers you may be exposed to intense levels of RF energy.

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Dirty Electricity Reading

Bad grounding wires and or use of CFL Bulbs may cause dirty electricity in your home of office electrical lines.

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Americans Are Becoming Increasingly Exposed To EMF's

Because of non-stop exposure of these energies and fields, you may now be electrosensitive.

The 3 Types of Electromagnetic Fields We Test For:

  • Magnetic

    Examples Include: Powerlines, Bad Electrical Ground Wiring, Motors, Sometimes Naturally Occuring Beneath You.

  • Microwave

    Examples Include: Wifi Routers, Printers, Computers, Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Smart Meters.

  • Dirty Electricity

    Examples Include: Electronics, CFL Bulbs, Energy Efficient Lighting Systems, Too Many Electronics on the same electrical wires.

Electromagnetic Home Inspections Buffalo NY