Electromagnetic Radiation Testing and Inspections For Buffalo NY and WNY

sources of EMF in the home

This type of EMF called Electromagnetic Radiation is measured with a gauss meter. Unlike other types of radiation, the only safe way to remove yourself from the magnetic fields it produces, is to create distance between you and the object creating the field. Clear EMF in Buffalo, NY will test and inspect your home or office for magnetic fields.

Examples of sources of this EMF pollution would be Powerlines that send electricity through neighborhoods.

Other sources include electronics in the home like computers and televisions. The closer you are the to the fields these objects create, the more detrimental to your health they become.

DISTANCE is important and you do not want to be living with powerlines in your backyard or sleeping next to a large appliance or electronics in your home.

powerlines distance emf

Extensive research on EMF exposure and safety has been conducted by international and national scientists. The results from this research have been evaluated by reputable international and national scientific and public health organizations and agencies.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) states these key points:

Key points

  • Background electromagnetic field levels in the home are mainly caused by the transmission and distribution facilities for electricity or by electrical appliances.
  • Electrical appliances differ greatly in the strength of fields they generate. Both electric and magnetic field levels decrease rapidly with distance from the appliances. In any event, fields surrounding household appliances usually are far below guideline limits.
  • At operator positions the electric and magnetic fields of television sets and computer screens are hundreds of thousands times below guideline levels.
  • Microwave ovens meeting the standards are not hazardous to health.
  • As long as close public access to radar facilities, broadcasting antennas and mobile phone base stations is restricted, exposure guideline limits for radiofrequency fields will not be exceeded.
  • The user of a mobile phone encounters field levels that are much higher than any levels in the normal living environment. However, even these increased levels do not appear to generate harmful effects.
  • Many surveys have demonstrated that exposure to electromagnetic field levels in the living environment is extremely low.