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Testimonials From EMF Consulting and Inspections

We had Clear EMF make sure our new home was clean of all EMF's before we felt comfortable buying our family home. They were professional and very educational and informative.

- Carol Renstein - Amherst, NY

After my divorce I hired Clear EMF to test my home for anything that would harm my children. Luckily, the house is safe, but what they detected was a listening device planted by my ex husband. I never would have known - bless the crew at Clear EMF!

- Rebecca Prince - Clarence Center, NY

I live near a cell phone tower and was getting sick from high radiation coming through my apartment wall. Clear EMF helped me measure and shield my room to block the energy from entering my living space. Great company!

- Jeremy Ogdan - Cheektowaga, NY

An area of my home had high levels of Electromagnetic Fields from bad electric wiring. Once they analyzed everything in the room they recommended an electrician to ground and remediate the issue. I am glad i found this company. I will be using them for all my new homes in the future.

- Dave Christiansen - Elma, NY

After Clear EMF analyzed and consulted us on how to remove radiation from our home, the whole family started to feel a lot better and the kids started concentrating better and their grades went up.

- Jeff and Maryanne Kazurski - Orchard Park, NY

We decided not to purchase a home near powerlines once Clear EMF showed us the magnetic field levels we could have been exposed to, Thank You Thank You Thank You!

- Martin White - Buffalo, NY

We thought we had issues with radiation since we lived near a cell phone tower. But Clear EMF showed us that there were safe levels in our home because our metal siding actually shielded us from the radiation. The outside levels were high but inside our home we are safe.

- Ralph Marino - North Tonawanda, NY